Your video network observability suite

Alvalinks enables broadcasters to monitor and respond to all digital journeys using intelligence from billions of daily measurements across the video delivery network.

24/7 Observability

StreamRide quickly resolves delivery network issues by connecting visual and transport events to network problems.

Broadcast and IT teams can conduct higher event and root cause analysis to identify and address problems, saving money on consultants. 

Rogue Flow Detection

Gather information on all detected Flows connected to a micro agent.
Incoming and outgoing traffic can cause packet loss, jitter, and RTT delays. Identifying rogue flows is crucial for IT to manage forwarding, filtering, and TOS.

Access to Cloud Observability

Utilizing AWS MediaConnect and DirectConnect for cloud streaming is a crucial business decision. Current observability for video is inadequate and slow. Alvalinks provides real-time, deep-dive observability without disrupting service.

Network Prioritization

In the majority of deployments, A and B paths are utilized. Evaluating both paths’ packet loss, latency, hops, and jitter is imperative for optimal performance. Adequate observability of each path contributes to a dependable service with little disruption.

SLA Monitoring

When it comes to tracking service level agreements, it’s important to note that providers may not offer an aggregated version. Seeing data related to packet loss, hops, and jitter is crucial in order to gain comprehension of the agreement and monitor progress.


Bridging the gap between IT and Video

Rogue flow detection

Detect any flow that may cause packet loss, delay, jitter or latency change to your service

Active detection and monitoring

Precise and continuous synthetic probing stream generation to test the network performance end-to-end, and over any path.

Graphical packet arrival

ScopeView: Visualize packet arrival, evaluate packet missing space / reorder / jitter - all the information to understand networking and flow mechanisms impacting your video traffic

Path detection

Continuously detect and test the path that your video and session are using to reach the destination. Network is tested every second using sophisticated algorithms.

ARQ buffer emulation

Make sense of the parameters gathered by the probing stream. Predict minimal optimal latency buffer value to be used by SRT, RIST, Zixi, NDI5.


Test your network ahead of introducing any new services by conducting diagnostic tests. Analyze parameters like packet loss, RTT, latency, and jitter as a result of bitrate steps or fix-rate test pattern.

Extended alarms

Create multi-level alarms, direct or multi-user, and integrate third-party tools such as Email and Slack.

Legacy data analysis

Data and analysis stored in a cloud database for long term retention.

APIs and integrations

REST API is available to allow integration with any third-party platform.

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