Company Vision


The future is interactive and live – and while this presents boundless opportunities, enriching the quality of user experience can pose a significant hurdle. At AlvaLinks, our patented and robust technology tackles this front and center. Supporting all entities conducting live streaming, we ensure seamless and high-quality video streams across every interface and platform, be it in every imaginable environment.






Management team

Dr. Gabriel Kerner

At the intersection of value and technology, Gabriel translates complex business needs into coherent solutions. Experienced business leader and networking cloud computing expert, he combines the insight of innovation of with the necessity to bring tangible value. Co-founder of Alvalinks, Gabriel’s effort includes to keep the team focused and transform our common vision into powerful business. Full Profile >

Adi Rozenberg

An industry visionary and innovator that foresaw the rise of video IP and its adoption by Broadcasting organizations, Adi is a vital member of the RIST specification and future roadmap. before co-founding Alvalinks, Adi co-founded and lead the technology of VideoFlow, and led R&D at Scopus Video network. Adi is defining the technologies at the heart of Alvalinks, steering its roadmap and proposition, and strive a vision for truly simple connectivity for live video streaming. Full Profile >

Limor Touriel

With decade of experience in developing software for video delivery, Limor integrates a multidisciplinary research and development background to head the AlvaLinks development team. Before co-founding Alvalinks, Limor headed the R&D of Videoflow, and was software group leader at GE. A powerful software developer, Limor doesn’t shy to dive into the code and resolve Alvalinks most arduous technological aspects. Full Profile >

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